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You might be asking, "What is a web design platform and why is it important?" Selection of the right website platform can be a very important choice when it comes to eCommerce, blogs, forums, and other types of websites. For example one eCommerce platform could be perfect for a store that specializes in less then 30 products, while another platform would be better for a store that offers over 300 different products. For blogs and forums, sometimes the client prefers one back-end over another, or wants more versatility and is willing to accept a bit more complicated back-end interface to get it. Every platform is selected for one or more specific reasons, and when it comes to eCommerce websites, blog websites, or forum websites, it could be the most important choice you could make.


CMS Platforms - Content Management System Platforms

Wordpress -
WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. -Wordpress

Wordpress is a wonderfully versatile CMS platform that we enjoy using. It has a user-friendly back-end that our clients seem to really love.

Joomla! -
Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. - Joomla!

Joomla! is right about on par with Wordpress in almost every way. You can't go wrong with either.

Movable Type -
Movable Type Pro is the all-in-one solution that enables you to build a website with blogs and a social community. -Movable Type

Drupal -
Use Drupal to build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications. Thousands of add-on modules and designs let you build any site you can imagine. -Drupal


eCommerce Platforms - Platforms for Online Shopping Sites

Magento - Our eCommerce Platform of Choice
Magento was a direct response to the emerging new needs of today's online merchants. More than any feature or functionality what our clients really needed was "flexibility." Our primary goal with Magento was to develop a platform that put the control back in the hands of the online merchant and placed no constraints on business processes and flow.

Magento is a feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento’s intuitive administration interface contains powerful marketing, merchandising and content management tools to give merchants the power to create sites that are tailored to their unique business needs. Completely scalable and backed by an extensive support network, Magento offers companies the ultimate eCommerce solution. Magneto Website.

At aU we like to use Magento when designing eCommerce sites that;

  • Have Large Inventories
  • Want Shopper Wish Lists
  • Have Multiple Online Stores
  • Want Optimized Mobile eCommerce

VirtueMart (Joomla!) -
With its fully-featured eCommerce engine, VirtueMart is perfect to sell your Goods online and drive your Business to new Heights. Despite being Open Source Software it powers large Online Shops providing the Performance, Usability and Security you expect from professional Software.

VirtueMart is the leading Online-Shop Solution for Joomla!(more than 2.5 Million Downloads so far). - VirtueMart

At aU we like to use VirtueMart when designing eCommerce sites that;

  • Main Site is Based on Joomla!
  • Have a Small Number of Products
  • Need to be up and Running Quickly
  • Like to Have Customizing for Users

Ubercart (Drupal) -
Ubercart is an exciting open source e-commerce shopping cart that fully integrates your online store with Drupal, the leading open source content management system. This is a killer combination for anyone looking to build a community around a product, sell access to premium content, offer paid file downloads, and much much more! - Ubercart

Ubercart is great for online shopping website design that;

  • Main Site is Based on Drupal!
  • Need to be up and Running Quickly
  • Want a Single Page Checkout
  • Want to Offer Shipping Quotes and Notifications

CubeCart -
CubeCart is an "out of the box" eCommerce shopping cart software solution which has been written to run on servers that have PHP & MySQL support. With CubeCart you can quickly setup a powerful online store which can be used to sell digital or tangible products to new and existing customers all over the world. -CubeCart

CubeCart is a good eCommerce solution for clients that want a more affordable eCommerce site option.

osCommerce -
osCommerce has attracted a large and growing community that consists of over 243,000 store owners, developers, service providers, and enthusiasts who support and work with each other on their online business. To date there are over 6,300 add-ons available for free to customize osCommerce Online Merchant online stores that help increase sales. -osCommerce

osCommerce is a good eCommerce solution for clients that want a more affordable eCommerce site option.

Zen Cart -
Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce; free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software. The eCommerce web site design program is being developed by a group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think eCommerce web design could be and should be done differently. -Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a good eCommerce solution for clients that want a more affordable eCommerce site option.

Paypal, Google Checkout, & FoxyCart - Plug-In eCommerce Website Options
Paypal, Google Checkout, FoxyCart, and a few others make for really nice checkout and shopping cart options that can be plugged into existing websites. These are simple solutions that can be introduced to your website in days. If you already have products online this could be the easy solution.

Paypal, Google Checkout, FoxyCart, & Others are great solutions for eCommerce Websites that;

  • Want Someone Else to Handle Credit Card Transactions
  • Want the Simplest eCommerce Solution
  • Want the Added Credibility of Google, Paypal, etc.


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