iPhone & Android App Development


We Can Develop Your Company's App

aU is at your disposal for any app development project you have in mind. We are able to help you through every step along the way. Even if you are unsure how an app can serve your business, we can help you work out how to make an app work for you.

We take the same user-centered approach to app development that we do to website design. The process involves; concept brainstorming, design requirements, prototyping, testing, evaluation, and publishing. For applications the user-centered aspect of our design process is even more important than website design. In many instances users pay to use your application - and they get to rate it. That rating can have a large influence on other clients that are considering purchasing your app. This makes it especially important that your app "wows" customers on first use. They need to understand how to use it, without the aid of tutorials.

aU's team of talented designers and programmers can put together a stunning application that will always score well with the people that matter most...the users. Let us show you the difference user-centered app development can have on your app's success.

Android App Development:

The fastest growing smart phone platform is Android. This Google Mobile platform is loaded with options and flexibility. The world is full of possibilities for your new Android application.

iOS (Apple) App Development:

The iPhone, iPad, and iTouch all have the most popular app platform. We can help you from creating ideas for an app for your company, through development, and getting listed on iTunes.

Blackberry App Development:

Themes and apps can be developed for the powerful BB platform. Blackberry apps tend to be focused towards business uses, but the market is open for whatever you might have in mind.