Web Design & Programming Abilities


Web Design and Programming Languages

While most people don't care if we type a website's code in HTML or hand write it in crayons, as long as the website that we design, does what it is supposed to do. However, we know for a fact that some people do care how their website is designed. So, we dedicated a page of our website to explain what web languages we use and why. There is also a brief explaination of the popular web languages used today. So if you want to "get your geek on" click on the read more button to explore our toolbox.



Platforms - eCommerce, CMS, Blogs, Forums, and More

You might be asking, "What is a web design platform and why is it important?" Selection of the right website platform can be a very important choice when it comes to eCommerce, blogs, forums, and other types of websites. For example one eCommerce platform could be perfect for a store that specializes in less then 30 products, while another platform would be better for a store that offers over 300 different products. For blogs and forums sometimes the client prefers one back-end over another, or wants more versatility and is willing to accept a bit more complicated back-end interface to get it. Every platform is selected for one or more specific reasons, and when it come to eCommerce websites, blogs websites, or forum websites, it could be the most important choice you could make.

Learn more about what platforms we like to use and why. Click on the read more button for a brief introduction into popular web design platforms.



Databases - The Backbone of Every Business

Good Databases and database programing can mean the difference between error free web design and constant hick ups, and even worse - website crashes. Proper database selection and architecture plays a large role in effectively and efficiently handling a companies data. At aU we design databases that fit each clients needs; from scalability to security, it all goes under the scope.

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App Development - aU & Apps Go Together Like Androids and Apples

How do I get an app developed? In a time where new apps popup by the 1000's everyday, this can be an important question. While we prefer to design mobile websites as a solution to most companies needs, every now and then a mobile application is the right solution. iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids, aPads, Blackberries and more have arrived. We can help you with app development. If you are interested in having an Apple or Android application developed, give us a call. We would love to discuss your project.

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