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How do I set up a website for my company?

Contact us, we can design a website tailored to your company! We are a full service custom web design firm that is committed to creating an online presence for your company. A presence that will; increase traffic to your company, increase your revenue, target your intended clients, and increase your companies' professional image.

At Affordable Usability, we create custom websites, that are affordable and usable, for small businesses and organizations. We exclusively cater to small businesses and organizations, because we feel that the internet and web design can be the great equalizer. All small businesses and organizations deserve to have a presence on par with major multi-national corporations, at an affordable price. Whether you need; a static (brochure-style) website, a Content Management System (Blog-Style) website, eCommerce (shopping cart style) website, or mobile (optimized for mobile devices) website; affordable Usability can get your website up and running.

Included in All of Our Custom Websites:
  • User-Centered Design Based on Current Usability Practices
  • Search Engine Optimization Package
  • Multiple Initial Design Concept Options
  • Personal Contact Manager
  • XML Sitemap
  • Google Analytics Account Creation
  • Review Sites Submissions
  • Social Media Site Creation
  • Social Bookmark Creation
  • 7 Day Support

The different types of sites we can build for you are summarized in the sections below. Read the descriptions, click on the title to learn more, select the type of website that fits your needs, then contact us. We take it over from there.


How Do I Start a Company Website or Blog? | The $599 Company Website

Websites are traditionally broken down into two categories; static websites and dynamic websites. Static website are commonly referred to as "brochure websites". These website are perfect for companies that wish to provide their current and potential clients with information about their company and services. These websites contain a set amount of web pages and definitive sections. Think of websites that have; home, about-us, services, portfolio, and contact-us pages. This is the most popular set-up for a five page static website. These sites can be as extensive as you require. web pages and sections can be added and tailored to provide the user with the maximum amount of information about your products and services. If you are interested in a website that can be; easily maintained, increases your companies visibility, and increases traffic to you store and services; this is the type of custom website you want designed. These are typically amongst the most inexpensive website you can build. A custom static website for your company can be designed in as little as a week, and cost as little as $599.

Dynamic websites and Content Management Systems (CMS) are capable of creating new web pages based on the information already contained on the website, the internet, or in a database. The most popular of dynamic websites are blog-style sites. Blog site are typically built on a CMS platform. CMS-Based websites are advantageous, because they include a user-friendly back-end. This user-friendly back-end provides our clients with a means of updating and replacing the content on their website at will. Static websites can be integrated into CMS websites to provide the typical advantages of static website, with the added benefit of a section that is able to be updated by our clients, and interacted with by web visitors. A dynamic website or blog can be designed for your company for as little as $699.

How Do I Sell Stuff on My Website? | eCommerce Websites

Expand your potential client base to the entire world. Build a new eCommerce website or expand your current website to allow your customers to buy your products online. We can develop a user-centered custom eCommerce website for your business on a number of different scales, and using your choice of several different platforms. If you want to add a shopping cart to your website, take paypal donations, or load your entire 4000 product inventory into a shiny new Magento website; we can help. When teamed up with a premium SEO solution from affordable Usability, you will know what your ROI is, what products your visitors look at the most, what products your visitors can't find, and what is stopping more people buying from your company.

We can plan a scalable shopping site for your company designed to grow with your business. From product browsing and product descriptions, to shopping cart and completed sales - affordable Usability designs shopping cart sites that encourage your visitors to BUY.

How Do I Get A Mobile Website?

Mobile internet is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways web-users are viewing information, finding local stores, and making purchases. The recent explosion of usable mobile devices and increased mobile bandwidth allow users to easily surf the internet from their mobile phones or mp3 players.

Mobile websites provide companies with an easy way to ensure that internet visitors enjoy a user experience tailored to their device. Mobile websites typically offer a more streamlined version of your existing website. These mobile websites normally use fewer images, offer larger buttons, and larger display friendly fonts.

Be one of the forerunning companies by offering a mobile version of your website, and experience the revenue difference maker - catering to your visitor's mobile devices can be. Small business mobile websites start at $499.

Our Website Design and Programming Abilities

The key to working with the internet is adaptability. Being able to design websites in the format that clients and users are familiar with takes a considerable amount flexibility. Knowing what programming language or web platform to use takes expertise.

If you have any questions about what we know, what we can do, or what will work for your company - click on the button below. If you still have questions, give us a call.

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