Memorability | Can Visitors Repeat Tasks


Usability Goals: Memorability of a Website

Once a user has taken the time to learn how to navigate a website and find what they are looking for; they need to be able to remember how to do it when they come back. A website needs to have high memorability. Memorability is a measure of how easy a website is to remember after a substantial time-lapse between visits.

If a website has good learnability and memorability, visitors are sure to keep coming back for more. When we are designing a website we try to maximize the memorability by creating logical steps and consistent design throughout the site.

Memorability is hard to measure through typical user-research methods, but can often be determined through the use of website analytics.

77% of users return to content and information sites because of ease-of-use. Only 22% return because the site belongs to a favourite brand.
- Forrester, June 2001