Learnability | Task Completion Rates


Usability Goals: Learnability of Websites Designed

Learnability is a measure of how easy a website is to learn, or how fast first time visitors can complete tasks on a website. On the internet- learnability could be the most important of all usability goals. The reason for this is that if users are not able to find what they are looking for, or get a hint of how they can get to the information they want, they are only a back click away from finding another source. Learnability can be closely tied to the effectiveness of a website.

We design websites with a eye toward learnability and navigation to ensure that users are able to instantaneously determine; what your company does, what information is on your website, and how to get a hold of your company. Users like to visit a website and be able to instantly determine how to do what they want to do. A website design that affords easy learnability is sure to be more successful than one that does not.

Learnability is most often measured by time-on-task and other user-research metrics.

"Don't make me think."
- Steve Krug