Efficiency | How Quickly a Site Does its Job


Usability Goals: Efficiency of Website Designs

Efficiency is a measure of how well a website does what it should do. Assuming that the utility and effectiveness goal are fulfilled, efficiency is the next usability goal to take into consideration. Efficiency of the tools introduced into the website is just as important as the presence of the tools themselves. As Susan Dray says, "If the user can't use it, it doesn't work."

However, it goes further than that. A system needs to do more then allow users to use it, it needs to support the user. When using tools on a website, the user should feel the system is; coherent, compact, sequential, and logical.

aU designs efficient tools that visitors need to complete their tasks. If you have an eCommerce site - your customers deserve a sequential and logical checkout process. If you have a blog site - a clear and simple method of responding will encourage users to interact with your website.

If the user can't use it, it doesn't work.
- Susan Dray