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Content is king. For SEO purposes - content is king. For informing your potential clients about your services - content is king. For successful blogging - content is king. For product marketing and advertising - content is king.

What is the point you ask?


Make sure your website is answering the question your clients ask. Ensure that your website is portraying your company is in the best possible light. Guarantee that your website is helping users find your company online.

Let aU write your web content today.

Q: Wait I thought you said content is king? If that is true, why the lack of content on this page?

A: To make sure you understand how important content is to a website. Even the pages that very few users ever see and the content that users never bother to read - are all seen and read by search engine bots. Oh yeah and...content is king!

Web-Content Creation Pricing Daley Jordan Winfrey
Total Pages of Content 5 10 15
Keywords Targeted 10 20 30
Revision Rounds 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Words per Page 200-400 300-500 300-600
Additional pages $65 $60 $50
Average Project Time 7 14 21
Optimized Content
Pricing $349 $649 $849

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