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Organic Search Engine Results (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a cocktail of different components. Backlinks, social media, social bookmarks, review site reviews, directory submission, content optimization, tag optimization, etc. are all a means to the end goal of SEO. That end result is high organic search ranking. That is to say, when someone types in one of your keywords into Google, your company shows on the first page.




The Building Blocks of Your Website - Backlink Building

Backlinks are one of the main components search engines use to determine how high your website should be listed. In short - backlinks tell the search engines how popular your website is. The more backlinks to your website, especially websites about similar topics, give your website more authority. They also give the search engines information about the growth of a websites popularity.




Social Media Marketing - How Does Facebook & Twitter Help Me

Social media marketing is the new toy of marketing experts. The amount of money that has gone in to social media marketing has been astounding. However, the ROI of social media marketing has been hard to determine with any accuracy.

aU offers a low-cost solution to social media marketing. We like to start small and ramp up when social media marketing begins to increase revenue. Social media marketing can be expensive - it is aU's belief that your investment in social media should be held to the same ROI expectation you have for any other advertising campaign.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing - Instant Results, For a Price

PPC Advertising is not typically a SEO technique as it can actually hurt your organic result efforts. But PPC campaigns do serve a purpose. Organic efforts can take a long time to build up, having the instant traffic from PPC can let you ease into organic only results. PPC efforts also help to uncover keywords and phrases that can be incorporated into organic efforts.

aU starts most SEO campaigns with a PPC campaign effort, and try to reduce the PPC budget every month as the organic efforts take over. With aU PPC costs are only temporary.



Social Bookmarks - Bookmarks Shared by All

Social bookmarks can be an excellent source for backlink building, and also connect like minded individuals. At aU we use social bookmark marketing to improve your SEO standing and drive more traffic to your site.

"Bookmarking services are good source of traffic into websites & blogs. Since Social bookmarking generate back links, it has been used as an important tool to promote websites & blogs. Among the most popular bookmarking services are Google,, Digg & Stumble upon." - Wikipedia



SEO Package Pricing Daley Jordan Winfrey
Keyword Optimized Articles 1 3 5
Blog Entries 1 3 5
Meta Tag Optimization
web page Title Optimization
Image Alt Tag Optimization
web page's Content Optimization - 5 Pages - 10 Pages
Targeted Keywords 10 20 30
Backlinks 10 25 50
Social Media Accounts Created 1 3 5
Social Media Bookmarks Created 1 3 5
Search Engine Directory Submissions 5 10 25
Review Site Accounts Created 3 5 10
Included Google PPC Campaign Credit $50 $75 $100
Website Optimization Report card
Web Analytics Account Creation
XML sitemap generation
Pricing $299 $799 $1299