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Blog Writing Services

Blog writing differs from article writing in a few key ways. 1) They are mainly written to encourage feedback from readers. 2) They are posted on regular basis (weekly/monthly). 3) The are only posted to one site.

Blogs offer an excellent means of generating conversation between; companies, potential clients, and peers. These open conversations often lead to very high visitor loyalty and referrals to the companies website.

All that sounds great, so what is the problem with blogs? They take time. Lots of time. Most companies don't have a staff person that has enough spare time to write the four or five articles a month and respond to the visitors comments - both of which are necessary to encourage the communication that makes blogs so successful.

That is where we step in. We can take up the slack to make your blog successful and keep its content fresh. We take time to learn your field or find experts in your field. We search other blogs to see what people in your field are talking about. Then we talk to your target audience to find out what they want to hear. After that is done we write a blog that is relevant, pointed, and communication inducing.

Blogs can often be monetized to bring in advertising revenue. Don't delay - Start blogging today.

Prices | Blog Writing Services Daley Jordan Winfrey
Word Length of Blog Entries 250-350 350-450 450-600
Number of Keywords 3-4 4-5 57
Revision Rounds 2 4 Unlimited
Days of Responses Included 1 4 7
100% Unique Content
Copyscape Approved Content
Average Time to Complete 3 Days 5 Days 7 Days
Level of Author Rating (Scale of 10) 6-8 7-9 10
Pricing (Additional Articles Ordered at same time will be discounted) $30/Article $45/Article $65/Article