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Why Write Articles for the Internet?

Writing articles for the internet generally falls into two categories; writing to inform/advertise, and writing for SEO or backlink building. The great part is that articles can serve both purposes. Articles written to inform the public, clients, and peers can be used for SEO purposes. The informative articles can be submitted to numerous article submission sites that allow for anchor text in the bio section of the article. These backlinks increase the PageRank of your website, since they come from pages with high PageRanks. Website with high PageRanks are considered to be authorities by search engines, backlinks from authority sites are an important piece of any SEO campaign.

So What is the Difference Between Normal Articles and Web Articles?

Articles written for the web are unique in their format and content formation. Many web articles take a familiar format. They often are between 300-500 words. Another common practice is to use questions as article titles and section heads. The reason for is is people often use questions as Search phrases, and search engines like exact search phrase matches. The last characteristic is keyword density. Internet articles often contain a keyword density of 2-3%. That is to say that 2-3% of the total word count are terms or keywords that your target audience might use when when looking for your companies' products or services. Take this web page for example. The main passage of this article is about 350 words (600 words for the total page) and the word "articles" and "SEO" appear 11 and 7 times, respectively. The resulting keyword densities are 3% for the first term and 2% for SEO. While the importance of keyword density has diminished, it is still an important and practical SEO metric.

Our prices for article creation services are listed below. Please note these prices are guidelines. We think our clients are smart enough to understand that "prices may vary" and why. With this belief in mind we tasked ourselves to come up with the most accurate price guidelines possible. You will find these guidelines below. We felt it was important to list these guidelines, so visitors to our site had access to as much information as possible.

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Article Writing Service Pricing Daley Jordan Winfrey
Word Length of Articles 250-350 350-450 450-600
Number of Keywords 3-4 4-5 5-7
Revision Rounds 2 4 Unlimited
Number of Submission Sites 3 10 15
100% Unique Content
Copyscape Approved Content
Average Time to Complete 3 Days 5 Days 7 Days
Level of Author Rating (Scale of 10) 6-8 7-9 10
Pricing (Additional Articles Ordered at same time will be discounted) $20/Article $35/Article $50/Article

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