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What Does Writing, Optimization, and Analytics Do for Me?

Affordable Usability offers writing, optimization, and website analytic services for one reason - to make your site more successful. Our writing services increase the quality of your web content and affects your SEO efforts by making your site more visible, and keeps your clients more informed. Search Engine Optimization is a broad term that includes all efforts to rank you website higher in search engine results. Website Analytics is the study of your website traffic. Using all three together can be an unbelievable power - pushing your company to the top of search engine results.

Authoring & Writing Services

The internet is a powerful tool for disseminating information. Our authoring and writing services not increase the amount of information on the internet, but also increase the quality of that information. Our authors know how to write articles, blogs, and web content that optimizes your keywords and company message. aU authors are experts at article writing, blog authoring, forum writing, and web content creation. They can even write an eBook for you. Use our writing services to "own" the terms that people are using to find products and services like yours.

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Internet Marketing | Organic Marketing, Social Marketing, PPC, and More

Search Engines use complex and secret algorithms to rank websites when a user searches for a keyterm. With over 150 Billion searches every year it is important that your company has a multi-prong internet marketing strategy in place.

Affordable Usability has the knowledge, experience, and desire to provide your company with the internet marketing results you deserve. aU's comprehensive internet marketing strategies include; search engine optimized website design, article marketing, blogs, forums, pay per click advertising, image optimization, review site marketing, social media marketing, social bookmarking, back-link building, and more.

Start "Owning" search results in your field today.

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Website Analytics | Know Exactly Where Your Site Wins and Loses

Web analytics is the analysis part of any optimization effort. Web analytics is the act of analyzing internet traffic data to see where your your customers are coming from, what they are looking for, why they buy, why they don't buy, and where your ROI can be improved.

At aU we make use of logfile and page tagging to get the most comprehensive data on your website's visitors. We can tell you how many visitors your website receives, how many of your visitors are returning, what they are looking at, where they click, how they find your site, where they live, how you can increase your ROI, and more.....

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Search engine optimization is always a work in progress. Search engines are designed to rank listings on a number of different variables. It is because of this that it takes time to build your company up to the top of search results. If anyone offers you "overnight" results - run-away. Or just hang-up. Overnight results just don't exist.

At aU we understand that 'owning" keywords takes time and that you want results. This is why aU never requires contracts and always provides you with progress reports. We are here to help your small business succeed.