Graphic Design and Printing Services


Summary of Our Graphic Design and Printing Services

Affordable Usability is proud to offer high-quality graphic design and printing at a price that is affordable for all Chicago area small businesses. We have a staff that is dedicated to design. From appearance, to message, to replication, and use - all factors are taken into consideration. To back up our design team, we offer printing services to match any need you can imagine.

Logo Creation | Logo Design

A company's logo is the face of the organization. On the internet your logo is typically the first image a visitor to your website sees, and if they don't like it, it could be the last image they see. We understand this, that is why we offer unlimited logo revisions on all of our logo design packages.

Negative space, color combinations, internet-ready logos, font-face, and favicon adaptations, we do it all. And, we do it without any clip-art or copycat logos.

Corporate Identity Kits | The Persona of Your Business

If your logo is the face of your business, the corporate identity is the persona of your business. Corporate Identity Kits from aU can include; taglines, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, e-mail signatures, logo design, and more. Each one of our Corporate ID Kits is customizable to fit your current business needs. Couple our Corporate Identity Kits with our printing services or website design packages for ever further saving. aU is Chicago's small business source for Corporate Identity Kits at an affordable price.

Business Card Design | For More Than Winning Free Lunches

Even in this time of v-cards, iPhone Bumps, and emails; business cards are still the primary way for businesspeople to share their contact information and introduce themselves. If you are looking to improve the quality of your current business card design we are here to help. Single-sided, two-sided, black and white, color, embossed, QR-Codes, traditional, or creative; we can do it all. Let us print your business cards for you to save even more money.

Letterhead Design

When communicating in printed form - a professional looking letterhead can be the difference between a new client and the trash bin. Don't lose out on any potential business, let aU design a new letterhead for you company. Affordable Usability is Chicago's small business source for letterhead design and printing.

Brochures and Folder Design | Marketing Your Company

Brochures, pamphlet, and flyers are a common method for exposing your company to prospective customers. Affordable Usability can design professional, visually appealing, informative brochures for your company.

Banner Design | Marketing Your Company Online

When marketing online it is important that your banner ads encourage users to act. Impressions are nice, but the right banner can turn more of those impressions into click-throughs.

Make more of your internet marketing campaigns starting today, let aU show you how.

Coupon Design and Creation | Yeah We Have a Coupon for You

Every business owner loves to see their coupons come back into their stores. It is an indication that their marketing dollars are being well spent. Increase the amount of times that you see your marketing dollars coming back home. Affordable Usability can design and print traditional print ads for you and your company; as well as pdf coupons specifically for internet marketing.

Image Refinishing

Have some pictures or images that would be perfect for your website or brochure if they didn't have that one little blemish? Let aU clean-up that image for you, and show the world your high quality products and services.

At aU we can retouch, crop, blend, and optimize your images for you.

Image Creation | Original Images and Photos

Image creation is the core of graphic design. We can create logo images, photographs, icons, high fidelity prototypes, renderings, and more. If you need just the right icon for your product, a Solidwords 3D visual Prototype of you new invention, or new creative background, give us a call. We will get the job done, and we will stay at it until you are satisfied.

Printing Services | Save Money and Print with Affordable Usability

Affordable Usability is proud to back all of their graphic design work with printing services. Graphic design and printing go hand in hand, but it is not very often that the graphic designer is able to talk to the printer. We feel this is a big mistake, as the graphic designer has a large amount of time invest in getting the color just right, or getting the lines perfect. It is because of this investment that the graphic designer is the perfect person to ensure that your printed products are a true representation of your vision.

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